Our Mission

LogiXair is dedicated to decreasing logistics latency.

Decreasing logistics latency can mean someone’s life is saved because medication or supplies could reach them in time. It can also mean someone had a great day because a package arrived just a day after they ordered it. Both of these increase the area under the curve of net human happiness. We strive to develop technology that meaningfully raises human quality of life.

Our Milestones

We’ve built and flight tested several sub-scale engineering pathfinder prototypes, learning several lessons in engineering for performance and reliability, flight testing and design for manufacturability.

We’ve been building up our in-house engineering and process expertise to develop our first generation of aircraft: Codename Winghead

Our Team

Our team has backgrounds in Robotics & Aerospace and has previously worked on both research and commercial systems.

We’re building a world class team with backgrounds in Aerospace, Robotics, Software and Logistics. We value hard work and strive to cultivate a meritocratic environment. If you like working with highly driven, talented and smart people on extremely challenging problems, Logixair is the place for you.