Autonomous VTOL Aircraft for Cargo

Vertical Take Off and Landing that can operate from the warehouse parking lot

Codename WingHead

Cruise Airspeed

126 km/h


200 km


20 kg


2.3 m


3 m

Winghead is our technology demonstrator platform. Having built a series of pathfinder prototypes, we have arrived at a compact, performant configuration for our VTOL cargo aircraft. Winghead will serve as our first line of aircraft and help us validate our technology for the larger 300 kg payload-capable aircraft.

Not Just Aircraft

Quick swap cargo containers

Click- on/Click-off cargo containers that are purpose built for different cargo types. Be it liquids, refrigerated or bulk cargo, Logixair’s cargo containers can support any of them.

As the aircraft lands, the cargo container is removed and a new pre-loaded container is instantly attached onto the aircraft- reducing the on-ground time for loading and unloading operation of cargo.

Automated Cargo Handling

Our ground robotic systems automate the handling of cargo to and from the aircraft. They automate away the drudgery of moving boxes to and from the aircraft while also ensuring smoother operations overall.

Fleet Operations

Fleet operations are essential for the level of cargo throughput we will need to support. This is why we’re building our technology stack to operate fleets of aircraft and ground robots from the outset.